With tons of amazing features!
What you get with fellowfy.
Our mission is to revolutionize the pet care industry by introducing the world's first behavior-based ai-driven everything app for pets.

We provide holistic pet care; therefore, health with its 43 factors is at the heart of fellowfy.
 Our app enhances communication between pet owners and their beloved companions by creating a digital twin. It offers personalized digital services and products that cater to the unique needs of the user and their pet. All on the basis of our fellows real-time health tracking.

1. Virtual Pet & Vitality Dashboard
With fellowfy you create a digital twin of your beloved pet to gain insights into their well-being and needs. You get engaging health information in a fun and interactive way, reminiscent of a detailed Tamagotchi. This feature enables you to access additional services and products, serving as a handy diary and tracker. We ensures that taking care of your adorable furry friend becomes a seamless and delightful experience, regardless of whether you have an energetic dog or an affectionate cat.

2. Predictive Health & 
Opportunity Detection
To explore upcoming trends in data-driven pet care, we've created an automated forecast algorithm. Our advanced deep learning forecasts are tailor-made for every pet, utilizing synthetic training data that mimics their day-to-day behaviors. We gather real-world data from sensors and recordings shared by pet owners. As a result, we're able to accurately spot any irregularities and provide valuable recommendations.
3. Personalized Services
Based on the previous two points, fellowfy will be able to provide you with personalized services. These services include specially curated offers, responsive content, health recommendations, a digital pet ID, a vet locator, a community, vacation options, adaptable pet insurance (in later stage), and many more amazing features.

Take care of your beloved dog or cat well.
With fellowfy, living with your furry family member becomes smoothe, authentic, healthy, and enjoyable.
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